Alison Looking Down
Photo: Nicole Badorek

Alison Neuman, MA

Alison Neuman is a writer, author, choreographer, dance artist, and playwright who is passionate about sharing underrepresented voices and building communities. She has a Master’s Degree with an Educational Studies focus, Bachelor of Applied Communications Degree, a Diploma in Professional Writing, and a Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing.

As the lead writer and an instructor at Sandy Tree Communications, Alison creates business communications, technical documents, and curriculum that bring her clients and learners results. She is most proud of the projects that connect and support the community. Her own projects and writing reflect her belief that we are all better and stronger when we are inclusive and celebrate one another.

Alison’s artistic focus is to build opportunities where individuals of all abilities can learn and create, and difference is celebrated. Her goal is to lift artists to their full potential and share the voice of the marginalized that are rarely heard or seen. Her hope is artists will see someone like them on a stage or recognize themselves in a book and know there is a place for them in the arts.


Notable Credits


  • Don’t Eat Family (2014), Help from Friends (2016), and Home (2020) – a series of picture books featuring the unlikely friendship of Fluffy the cat and Levi the mouse
  • Searching for Normal: A Memoir (2013) – in the tradition of creative nonfiction, Alison details her life experience from the onset of a rare and painful illness, recounting her personal journey as she comes to terms with an ever-shifting concept of ‘normalcy’
  • Ice Rose: A Young Adult Spy Novel (2010) – a tragic accident may have landed Elissa in a wheelchair, but that won’t stop her from attending a spy school and solving her dad’s disappearance



  • The Strike (2020) – Interior Landscapes at Chinook/Expanse 2020
  • Reflection (2019) – Dancefest @ Nextfest
  • Home (2018) – CRIPSiE Mobilize
  • Fix You (2016) – CRIPSiE Careful
  • In Transition (2014)


  • Searching for Normal the Musical (2013) – investigates the subjects of inclusion and isolated voices
  • The Sunset Syndrome (2017) – a story of strength and love, advocating for families and persons experiencing dementia

Academic, Dance and Choreography Education

  • Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing (2021) – Humber College
  • Master of Integrated Studies Degree (2019) – Athabasca University
  • Bachelor of Applied Communications Degree (2006) – MacEwan University
  • Diploma in Professional Writing (2005) – MacEwan University

Alison has learned about the writing craft from Curtis Gillespie, Don McMann, Lynn Coady, and Antanas Sileika.

Alison has trained in voice with Sherrill DeMarco, musical theatre with Stephen Heatley, and playwriting with Conni Massing and Jann Taylor.

Alison has practiced dance and choreography with Ainsley Hillyard, Gerry Morita, Jodi Vandekerkhove, Kate Stashko, Kelsie Acton, Lindsay Eales, Peggy Baker, Scott Maybank, and The Good Women Dance Collective


  • Good Women New Work Award (2019)
  • Fierce Award Diamond Recipient, Resilient Category (2014)
  • Glenrose Foundation Courage Award, Adult (2013)
  • Top-Ten Ranking in Non-Fiction category for Establishing Roots in the Edmonton Stories Contest (2009)
  • Winner in Emotional Poetry category for Undeniable Craving in the Expressions of Hunger Contest (2009)