A Little Pressed

Nov 26, 2021

Over a year ago, I was diagnosed with a spine condition requiring surgery to maintain mobility, but surgery was postponed.

My spine stole the feeling in my arthritically bent fingers and created numbness, pain, and tingling. Trauma from an accident added pain, loss of range of movement, and headaches. All of the above made it hard to do crafts. Being reminded of how temporary life can be, I wanted to make something special for some of my friends this holiday season. Crafting has always filled a unique void for me, and I missed it.

After watching online videos in search of something to create, I found the Cricut mug press. The mug prep included washing and surface-cleaning with a lint roller. The design process included using infusible transfer sheets and laser paper, drawing or using the Cricut Design Software, and creating my own or using their designs. This craft appeared to use limited strength in the hands and would merge my love of writing and design. I was sold!

I used the Cricut Design Studio app images, text and my designs and placed them on a mug template. The Cricut Explore printed and cut out the mug design, and I used the infusible markers to make the letters and images pop. Friends helped with cuts that required more precision than I had in my hands, but overall the process for pressing mugs allowed me to match my energy and ability for that day. With each mug, my writing and crafting led to empowerment in a time where everything seemed in flux.

Here are some of my gift mugs.

I’m now excited to work with friends offering others these personalized gift ideas:

  • Expression Mug ($22 +plus shipping): include a favourite expression in an exciting font
  • Memory Mug ($28 +plus shipping): include a drawing of the person and their favourite expression

If you are interested in a designed mug or have any questions, you can reach me at