Covida and Me

Mar 15, 2021

Guest Blog By Katherine Restoueix

When news of the pandemic was scary last March, I started making my own masks and checked the web for ideas. Then I received a Facebook challenge from a friend to post once a day for ten days on the topic of “Being a Mom.” The challenge allowed me to look in my sentimental keepsakes and sort through stuffed animals and dolls for donations. One doll didn’t join the other items because she was missing a shoe. She was my first decorative doll when I started my adult life. I noticed a hole near her mouth, so I sewed a new mouth, and with her crooked teeth and glued googly cat eyes, her personality came to life. She gave me an idea for posting.

Her name was to be a blending of the pandemic names. I posted the first picture on my Facebook page to introduce Covida. Why not? We could make it fun! My friends responded and were commenting and enjoying our adventures.

As an avid crafter and miniaturist, I had to make her pyjamas and later a housecoat, so we could look comfy relaxing at home. Then a reinforcement of her legs was required so she could stand. My shopping trips at Walmart gave me a space to let my creativity run free with potential accessories. When summer and fall arrived, I made Covida lighter and heavier clothing that worked for each season, including matching outfits and masks.

While we were all social distancing, Covida and my adventures became an activity to share. Planning and photoshoots became my regular activities. We didn’t forget the marking of special days and holidays. Covina found use for my little sleeping puppy and a mini Tupperware set. Many of my Facebook friends responded with suggestions to name her new pet cat and I chose Tirus, a blending of petit and virus.

Through this experience, a challenge connected me with Covida, used my crafting and miniature skills, and kept us all connected and engaged at a time when we were isolated.

I will keep posting Covida and my adventures on my Facebook page until the pandemic is over. And I intend to make a souvenir booklet of our adventures!

You can follow Covida and my adventures on Facebook.