Setting My Foot On The Path

Oct 1, 2020

Guest Blog By Alison Clarke

Setting my foot on the Path, as a poet and fantasy author, it’s a freeing and magical thing.

Like writing, walking is creative and enjoyable, and has helped me to write Phillis: A Poetry Collection coming out on October 15, 2020, by the University Of Calgary Press, and my Sisterhood Trilogy, available at Chapters in Terra Losa and Chapters in St. Albert. 

Walking, I love it; it clears my head, and I’m able to let my Imagination roam free.

My thoughts take flight when I walk. The fresh air, it’s relaxing, and it’s also a meditation.

I recommend walking as a way to increase productivity, and feel more relaxed. Studies have shown this, and people like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg saw walking as part of their exercise regime, and had walking meetings to prompt creativity. That would be my tip for anyone reading this blog.    

Writing, it’s peaceful too, and it’s a sea I love to navigate. I’m the Captain of the ship, and I love entering uncharted waters. As I work in different genres, being a poet and fantasy author, it gives me a chance to explore the literary landscape. 

With Phillis, my latest release, I go back into the world of poetry, as that is where I started, being a writer. It’s wonderful to enter that realm again. With Phillis, it’s not only a biographical work, it’s also mystical, and emphasizes the importance of the past, present, and future, and how it all converges, time is not linear. I also emphasize the importance of narrative, of storytelling. 

With my Sisterhood trilogy, I do the same. I also create different worlds: ones that consist of faeries, angels, dragons, wyverns, and so on. With fantasy, there are no rules. Yes, you follow basic rules of grammar in writing, like in any other literary form, but that’s it. It’s quite fun, and freeing. 

As a literary artist, there is no limit. That’s why I like writing in different genres, and it’s also very fulfilling. To set my foot on the path: figuratively and literally, that is the Journey of being a writer. 

Phillis: A Poetry Collection –

Phillis: A Poetry Collection –