Guest Blog: Recycling by Brenda Currey Lewis

Sep 6, 2019

I’m so happy to have the opportunity to talk about two of my favorite passions. My memoir about my rare disorder and the environment!

The brain is a complicated organ. But how aware are we that the slightest little thing can go wrong and change the course of a life dramatically. ‘A Twisted Fate: My Life with Dystonia’ tells about my great but ordinary life until the age of seven when things started to go wrong. I started walking on the outside edge of my right foot and it spread through my body. ‘Dystonia’, a rare neurological movement disorder, seizes muscles and forces limbs to twist into odd postures.

My book is a mix of the path that my life took, to medical treatments that would probably not be done today. My parents unwavering advocacy for me and a mention of some of the wonderful people I met along the way. Dystonia and all rare disorders need awareness and this is my contribution.

I will be at Indigo books in South Edmonton Common 1837 99 street on Saturday October 5th from 11 – 4 pm. Drop by, I would love to meet you! Here are a few reviews.

Environmental issues such as climate change, affecting the health of our planet, seem to get bigger every day. I have been a Reducer, Reuser and Recycler for many years now. The following are tips; suggestions and just ways of thinking that I believe have the potential to help make a difference no matter how big or small! The following actions and beliefs are my opinions only but I want to share! Plastic is the biggest of all our problems. We lived without it and we can again. The following changes are just a start but give me hope!

  • Reduce before the other R’s. Think outside the box and find other uses for things you might just throw away without consideration.
  • Bamboo toothbrushes decompose, shampoo and conditioners that come in the form of bars of soap, all soap should go back to bar form, eliminating the plastic pump containers. There is now detergent that comes in a form very similar to the look of a dryer sheet.
  • Cloth shopping bags are compact and can be folded or balled up and easily slipped in to a purse, pocket etc.
  • Edmonton (and many other cities) has very safe levels of clean drinking water. Why buy bottled water that costs $2 – 3, when you can go home and get that water and more for pennies a glass and tote around in a reusable bottle.
  • The more demand for these types of items will affect corporation’s bottom line and therefore help convince them to make these changes!

          With out of the box thinking, plastic can be reduced significantly. Don’t be told that one person’s contributions will not make a difference. One person can make a difference. There is strength in numbers! It won’t be easy but I will be willing to give up a few things in order to save this planet, I hope you will too!!! Please be ready to give up a few conveniences for a healthier place to live in tomorrow!