The Sunset Syndrome – Guest Post – Catherine Wenschlag

Jul 6, 2017

When we finished the Sunset Syndrome in May 2016, I knew I wanted to have even more people see this amazing story. Thankfully, Alison agreed and we’re now busy rehearsing for the Edmonton Fringe! The cast is full of talented, hard-working actors who are all committed to sharing the story of Emily in a sincere and compassionate way. They a true ensemble and family. We’ve started a fundraiser to help cover costs for the show and have a bunch of perks for those who donate, including free tickets, signed posters, chocolate, and a donation made to the Alzheimer’s Society from the production in memorium of a person of donor’s choice. We hope you will come out to see the show that Alison has so beautifully crafted and that we are diligently working to bring to life with great love.

Show times:

Fri Aug 18 – 7:00pm

Sat Aug 19 – 12:00noon

Sun Aug 20 – 3:30pm

Mon Aug 21 – 5:15pm

Wed Aug 23 – 5:15pm

Thu Aug 24 – 8:45pm

Fri Aug 25 – 1:45pm

Sat Aug 26 – 10:30pm

Sun Aug 27 – 12:00 noon


All performances at:

Campus St. Jean Auditorium

8406 Rue Marie-Anne Gaboury NW

Edmonton, AB T6C 4G9


Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign


Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival