My Creative Intuition Advisor

Finding the time to get activities accomplished in a day can be a challenge. Everyone has a set of tasks to accomplish daily and a certain number of hours for each. Creative writing is one of my activities for which I’m always trying to figure out a better system so when I have those few precious minutes to write, my time is best used.

I’m very lucky to have an opportunity to be in a mentorship with an editor who I have had the privilege to work with in the past. She is able to edit my material in a way that keeps my writer’s voice. She is a straightforward editor who tells me like it is. She always provides me an opportunity to learn and grow with every communication.

I have had this young adult novel bouncing around in my creative projects list since the idea popped in my head in 2007.  It is science fiction, a genre which is a depart from my usual reality based genres. So, I am learning the specific conventions for the genre, along with creating characters and worlds.

In an effort to have an outsider’s view of the work, I had several readers provide feedback. Some of the changes resonated and others didn’t. What I found is that, even if I was unable to articulate or name a reason, if I did the change anyway, it didn’t feel right. At the end of the day, the manuscript and book had my name on it.

This manuscript has been more challenging than all my others to date, but in the past few weeks, as I have been writing, it has reminded me of how much I love writing. Yes, the road ahead can be challenging and frustrating, but the process of creating characters, worlds, and stories is humbling.

The content has challenged my creative brain for although it is set in reality, some of the characters and situations are fantasy-based. For example, the concept of living forever and travelling into the past. For the characters who live forever, finding their motivations has been an interesting process. When I wrote my first book, Ice Rose: A Young Adult Spy Novel, it was like living with the characters, but not all of the characters in my new books have moved in with me yet. They only come to visit. The same experience is similar to meeting a new person in the real world. During the visits I am able to learn more about them and understand how they interact in the world and the way they speak.  Guess it will take some convincing and getting to know all the characters before they will come to stay.

As I progress through this stage in my young adult creation, I am reminded of the new conventions and applications and maybe the most important lesson of listening to my intuition. No matter what I am writing, if I’m unable to find the words, if it just doesn’t feel correct in my writing brain and heart, then it simply is not.



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