There is nothing like the feeling of a new idea or character popping into your head. There is excitement to create the new project and to begin the new journey. This is one of my favourite parts of being a writer. No matter the genre or the size of the project, this initial first stage is exciting and fun. The new ideas and characters are like new places and friends that are introduced into your life. After all, going to new places and meeting new friends can be very exciting.

As I have posted, there comes a point when a writer must decide to shelf a project or persist with it. Energy is a determining factor but there are other factors. My newest writing project is fantasy and the genre is new to me. This was started by a character, and I loved the idea of creating a new world to have my characters interact within.

The journey to write has been a challenge. I have had several manuscript readers review the piece and offer feedback. Now here is where I have learned as a writer.

It was initially written as a YA and then, after feedback, I switched it to be more adult content. I found the process of rewriting the book into adult content to be work. By work, I mean that it was like changing to an entirely new work. At the end of the rewrite, I was not entirely happy with the manuscript. From this point, I had two choices: to leave the manuscript in the state it was or to refresh it back to what it was as a YA.

After some time to consider the pros and cons, I ultimately decided to refresh it to a YA novel. Now all the housecleaning of the manuscript must begin. Any adult situations must be deleted or reworked to be appropriate for the target audience. The sections that were cut for teen-related content must be re-added and edited, and the entire manuscript course must reflect the additions. While there is a long journey of writing, rewriting, and editing ahead for my manuscript, I feel so much better about the project.


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