A Year of ‘No’

My entire life I have been a person who jumps into new projects and then has to try and figure out things along the way. It is like jumping into a the shallow end of a swimming pool and trying to learn how to swim. This philosophy has been both a benefit and also a bit of a hindrance.

Take for example when I applied to be in the Fringe International Theatre Festival. Having a show in the Fringe was on my life list so I was going to try to check it off. When I entered I choose a Musical I wanted to write. I didn’t have one lyric, or word written when I applied in winter. When my play was chosen, I had a few months to write the play, lyrics, hire a songwriter and learn more about theatre. Overall, the process was wonderful and I learned so very much and met some amazing people. Fringe is defiantly an event I would be excited to embark upon again, but with a team of people so the work can be spread out and be given as much time as required, versus the time that could be focused.

I had to be more selective of how many projects I take and how much time they will take. This in of itself has been an interesting challenge. Sometimes amazing opportunities pop up unannounced and it is hard to say ‘no’.

2016 was the year of ‘no’ for me. I didn’t go off the deep end and say ‘no’ to every opportunity, I just have learned to take every opportunity into consideration. I weighed how much time it will take, will it interfere with any of my responsibilities or obligations, will it affect my health in the short or long-term, will it put a strain on any people in my life? Will the activity spread my time thin and take away from something other? Is this activity going to come around again or does it have to be right now?

As I made my way to the end of 2016, I found that while it has been a process to say ‘no’, the year was amazing. Time is very precious and so the activities and opportunities that I approved, had more of my focus and time put into them. They received more attention and were special. In general this experiment had short and long term effects in my life. There was not a rush and stress to finish so many projects by set deadlines. My brain was not always having to race from one activity to the next. I actually had some downtime in-between projects so I could spend time, in the moment time, enjoying the world around and people around me.

2016 was amazing, and while 2017 will be a new year of consideration versus ‘no’, being able to select activities also means there is a wonderful chance to select my yes activities.  






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