To Dust or Not To Dust

Most writers have a project they have written that is sitting in a computer or a drawer just collecting dust. Myself, I have two fiction manuscripts and two screenplays that I am very aware are still around. All are full length. The pieces range from being written as far back as sixteen years ago to as recent as 2010.

One novel is a story about a woman who loses her memory and the lengths the people in her life will go to in order to get her missing memories and a mysterious item she has hidden. The other novel is about an investigator who goes undercover to protect a former boyfriend and his child from a situation in which he is in the middle. One screenplay is about a researcher who travels to Brazil to find the answers to mysterious deaths in the monkey population and finds himself kidnapped and tortured by his past. The other screenplay is about a death investigation team and an eager crime reporter who becomes part of the story she is researching. All are plots and themes which still, to this day, interest me.

That said, new ideas pop in my head and they seem to have an urgency over the previous material. After all, the material is written and I know the ending. The new material and characters have yet to be discovered.

With each project I write, my skills grow. As they grow, when I open previous projects, each error is obvious. As I look at my previous projects, it becomes evident the amount of energy that will be required to bring each project to the final state. For each previous project it is a test to my interest and energy as to whether it will be dusted off and worked on.


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