Helping Us All

Guest post by Cassie Stocks

There are times when things become overwhelming for each of us, times when sickness seems to be who we are, rather than something we have, times when caring for others leaves us nothing for ourselves.

The Rainbow Society of Alberta grants wishes to children with chronic or life threatening illnesses. I once worked with a young woman who had been granted a wish by a similar charity. The wish was granted when she was nine. Ten years later, when I first met her, it was one of the first things she told me about herself. It was something that had made her feel special and was far more important to her than her illness. Sometimes it takes something big, something we long for, to allow us to forget the unpleasant things in our lives.

The Alberta Caregiver’s Association supports those who are taking care of others. While I haven’t had direct contact with this Association, I have seen many examples where it might have been useful; the elderly taking care of elderly spouses with Alzheimer’s, parents whose lives have been subsumed with caring for their disabled children, even siblings caring for a brother or sister. We are better able to care for others when we feel supported and strong ourselves.

Charities such as The Alberta Caregiver’s Association and The Rainbow Society of Alberta help individuals, their families, and their communities. We all benefit from supporting them.

Cassie Stocks

Cassie Stocks is the author of Dance, Gladys, Dance, her first novel and winner of the Stephen Leacock Award for Humour.


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