Readers Connecting to Authors

As authors obviously know, you write a book and get it published. The challenge is finding your audience and building your reviews. You have several options when searching for reviewers. You can search out reviewers via blogs, social media or print.

While planning my own marketing and promotional tour I came across Story Cartel. You need readers to connect with authors. For a fee of $30, you submit your book to Story Cartel and if approved, it is available for download for 20 days. The readers get the book for free but must share their email and post a review. They are also entered to win one of 3 $10 Amazon gift cards provided by the author.

While the reviews have been positive, I decided to try such a promotion to see for myself if a site can help connect with readers.

Searching for Normal: A Memoir was launched this week and is available until September 27, 2014 for free download and review.


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