Disneyland Proves to Be My Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

Most children have a lifetime to live and grow to build their wishes and achieve all their dreams. Some children’s dreams, regrettably, come with an expiry date due to a chronic or life-threatening illness. Those children do not have the luxury of time to build the connections or to save the money required to achieve those dreams. The Rainbow Society of Alberta is dedicated to fulfilling wishes of Alberta children who have chronic or life-threatening illnesses. In fact, it is their focus to include such children that sets them apart from other wish granting charities.

Children’s wishes can range from riding a horse, visiting Disneyland, swimming with dolphins and/or meeting a special hero/heroine in their eyes. All of these wishes come with a challenge of making the right connections and securing funding.

Selfishly, I chose The Rainbow Society as my charity as they granted me a wish when I was a child. My hope was to travel to Disneyland – a magical place where doctors, medical tests and the never-ending uncertainty seemed miles away. My family and I were granted the wish and, to this day, I still carry the memories with me. When we came home I felt as if no matter what happened, my body and spirit had been provided a burst of energy and hope. The trip gave me, my Mom, and my Aunt, who lives a province away, a chance to bond without our daily life routines. My memories are even more special now as my mother has dementia and is unable to recall all our time together.

The Rainbow Society’s team needs your help to build the connections and make each child’s dream come true. This is the other special charity for this year’s Authors for Altruism Book Sale and Silent Auction.

For more information on the Rainbow Society of Alberta, please visit http://www.rainbowsociety.ab.ca/

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